The Wooden axe is the weakest of all Axes in Cube Life: Island Survival.


  • The Wooden Axe is crafted using 3 Wood Planks of any type, and two Sticks.
  • The Wooden Axe does 2 damage to Mobs.
  • The Wooden Axe does 2.5 damage to Wood Blocks.
  • The Wooden axe is good for an unknown number of hits.


  • Use the Wooden Axe to get Wood faster.
  • Try skipping the Wooden Axe all together and going straight for the Stone Axe instead by first obtaining the Wooden Pickaxe and gathering Stone Blocks with it.


  • The Wooden Axe is the second weakest weapon in the game.
  • Skullmen can sometimes be seen carrying Wooden Axes.


The Wooden Axe made its first appearance in Cube Life: Island Survival version 1.0. Its model was changed in version 1.1. It is expected to return in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.