Version 1.2 is an update for the game Cube Life: Island Survival, approved in US for July 2016 and available for download as of 8 pm EST July 6, 2016.


The update was developed by Cypronia for the Nintendo Wii U version of Cube Life: Island Survival over the course of roughly one year with fan feedback in mind. It was built upon the previous Version 1.1.

New FeaturesEdit

The following features were added in this version. Bold lines are features fans had explicitly requested via Miiverse or Tapatalk.

  • Share Custom Maps (like Super Mario Maker)
  • Completely redesigned AI. Cannibals are now smarter.
  • Stealth attacks! Approach an enemy from behind and gain the upper hand
  • Bigger world to explore at 3,520 x 3,520 blocks (was previously 2,880 x 2,880)
  • Assign commands to pets now (defensive, offensive, or collect items)
  • New Color Map with Radar (displays position of enemies, pets)
  • New release territory - Available for download in Australia + New Zealand