Beginner TipsEdit

Your First Day in Cube LifeEdit

Starting OffEdit

Starting off a fresh new save in Cube Life: Survival Island, you find yourself on a little island with a few Coconut Trees and an island visible in the distance. To survive in Cube Life, you must maintain a healthy level of hunger and thrist. Starting at 60 hunger and 30 thrist, you'll need to find some edibles scattered across the world right from the start. The first thing available are Coconuts, from the trees you start next to. Be sure to collect the Coconut Wood as well, for crafting materials you'll need later on.

Building a Crafting TableEdit

Using wood gathered from, create a crafting table by pressing - and selecting the stack of wood in your inventory. Next tap all four crafting squares provided in your characters inventory to aquire a Crafting Table. With a crafting table you can make item recipes that are 3x3, allowing a much larger variety of items to be made. You can find a full list of crafted items here. The crafting table is now a consumable item, meaning that it can only be used a so many times before expiring/breaking/being gone. The crafting table is no longer able to be picked up and moved, like in some other block creation/survival games. This adds a unique challenge of having nearly portable centers of operations to centralizing all activities in each section.

Collecting Edibles

Edibles provided on the first island are Mangoes and Coconuts gathered from their respective trees. While Coconuts give +20 thirst and Mangoes give +2 thirst and +7 hunger, there are a plentiful amount of them scattered across the first island easily allowing survival of a couple weeks.

Breaking blocks

Almost all blocks can be broken by your hands, but this does not mean that the block will be retrievable.

Sand, Dirt and most wood can be collected by hand

Wooden tools can collect stone and coal and above

Stone tools can collect iron ore and above

Iron tools can collect silver ore and above

Silver tools can collect gold ore, and gems (rubies, sapphries, emeralds) and above

Gold tools can collect diamonds and above

Diamond tools can collect titanium and above

Titanium tools can collect anything

Your First NightEdit


Hide in the cave mentioned below for the first few days, and don't make a sound.Edit

The Next Few DaysEdit

Creating the Basic Tools for SurvivalEdit

Advanced TipsEdit

On the the end of said island, there is a torch with a hole around it. Find it and break the torch and go into the cave. Note the dark pathway - place the torch in it and you will find another hole. Go through it and you will find a silver axe and/or leather cap both half used.