A Shark is a type of enemy in Cube Life: Island Survival.


Sharks swim in the ocean, attacking any mob that enters the water.


  • Sharks deal 40+ damage.
  • Sharks have 105 Health.
  • There is another type of Shark known as the Hammerhead Shark, it deals nearly twice as much damage and has nearly twice as much health.
  • When defeated, sharks have a chance of dropping one of the following:
  • Sharks are found on most island maps.
  • When Barry is in the water and a shark is nearby, theme music similar to that of Jaws is played.


  • Defeat sharks to obtain the resources required to build a Wooden raft and Diving Suit.
  • Avoid entering the water when sharks are nearby.
  • Do not travel in Open Ocean areas without a boat.


Sharks were added in version 1.0 of CL:IS, and returned in version 1.5 of CL:IS 2018. Their movement was made smoother in that version, and the ocean actually overlapped the shark's top partway, making a more realistic effect.