A 'Sand block is a type of block in the Cube Life series of games.


In Cube Life: Island Survival, Sand blocks are found on nearly every island, especially on Beaches. They are used as decoration in several maps in Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes, and behave and appear the same in both games. They have been shown in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition as having a much different texture and collapsing into cube-shaped particles.


  • The Sand block has 3-6 health.
  • Sand blocks can be died to make each respective colored variant of the Sand block.

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Sand blocks were added to Cube Life: Island Survival in Version 1.0, and were carried over to Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes. Released images and videos of Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition confirm that the Sand block will return in that game. Its texture appears to have been updated, and the latest trailer shows the Sand block crumbling into several small cubes upon destruction.

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