An Oyster is a type of mob in Cube Life: Island Survival. They are found in the ocean, and drop Raw oysters and Pearls. The gold, oval-shaped ones always contain a pearl.


  • Oysters are found all over the world, there are five gold, oval-shaped Oysters near the shore on the starting island, and more than eight gold, oval-shaped Oysters located in a lake in the center of G6 , which is directly East of the starting island, F6. There are also more than fourteen pearls near the shipwreck on H4.


  • Always dive and search for gold, oval-shaped Oysters on islands that are shark-free, such as Native islands.


  • Oysters were harder to obtain before Version 1.2, as there were no diving armor sets, which increases your breath. Oysters are expected to return in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.