Outdated Natives

Natives are found in villages on the following islands: A11, B2, B1, E5, F7, K1, and K2.


  • Natives range in difficulty from children to Sun Mages.
  • Natives also range in difficulty depending on how close you are to the border.
    • Example: K1 and a11 are the most difficult villages to raid.


  • (Theif Route) Never underestimate villages, even if they are small, wear at least Tortoise Armor When raiding villages, if you still want to trade with the trader, build a concrete hole that is at least one block wide and three blocks deep to trap him in, then, kill all the Natives and loot their chests, build whatever you like. When three days pass, return to village and everything will be normal again, the Trader will teleport back to the Trading Hut.
  • (Friendly Route) Collect as many Pearls from Clams as possible to get pretty much every item in the game. Different villages trade different items.
    • Example: B2 will Trade Fishing Rods, Swords, and Emeralds, but K1 will Trade Fuel Tanks, Cakes, and Gold Bars.


  • Initially, there were only two villages: E5 and F7.
  • In Update 1.1, they added another village, B2.
  • In Update 1.2, four villages were added, B2, A11, K1 and K2.
  • Villages and Natives are both expected to return in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.