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Vital statistics
Type Island
Location G Axis

Map sector G06 is an island map in Cube Life: Island Survival.

Geography Edit

G06 is notable for its dangerous terrain and unusual geographical features. It is an Archipelago, consisting of several small islands abruptly jutting out of the sea. These islands form different shapes, many creating curves. Iron Ore can be found within the crevices of these curves. Some of the more gradual islands are highly vegetated, with many different trees mingling with each other, and small plants grow on top of the sharp islands. Underwater caves are common, and diving underwater will reveal multiple interesting geographical secrets.

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Archeaology Edit

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A floating Chest

In CL:IS 2018, a Chest may be found floating in the water. It contains the following archery items:

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History Edit

Map sector G06 was introduced in Cube Life: Island Survival Version 1.0.

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