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Map sector F06 is an island map in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is the island where Barry starts the game, and is commonly referred to as "Starter Island".

The main land mass gradually slopes upwards, reaching its peak in the center. There are a few, smaller islands surrounding the large one. When the game first starts, Barry spawns on one of the smaller land masses.

The large island is surrounded by a beach consisting of Sand blocks, and is covered in Grass blocks in areas above sea level. Beneath the Grass is the normal layers of Dirt blocks and Stone blocks. The small islands consist entirely of Sand Blocks.

Resources Edit

The following Ore can be found on this island:

Vegetation Edit


The following Plant Structures and Plant Blocks can be found on this island:

The island is lightly forested, with Oak and Mango trees located close to the center and Coconut Trees on the beach and on some small islands. Ferns are scattered all over the island, and Sea Grass is found underwater.

Creatures Edit

The following Mobs can be found on this island:

Enemies Edit

Archaeology Edit

Secret Entrance

A cave, marked by a Torch, can be found on the South side of the large Island. When the player discovers this cave, Barry says "There might be a hidden room around here." This "hidden room" has a long and winding entrance, opening up to a large square shaped hole where a Small Torch may be found, along with four Coal Ore blocks. Another hidden room, concealed by the darkness inside the cave's entrance may be found. The entrance is a narrow hole in the ground. It extends two blocks down, and may be jumped out of. It opens into a small passage containing a secret Chest. This chest contains the following:

The entire cave is made of Stone Blocks (except for the entrance, which has dirt for a roof), and makes an ideal hiding place from Cannibals, as they cannot find the entrance and will not be able to destroy the stone for a while. The origins of this cave are not explained in-game, but it is inferred that someone else had once used it for shelter and had left his things in the chest before meeting an unknown fate.

Version 1.5+ Edit

The following is found only in Versions 1.5 and greater, and is not found in the Wii U version of the game. When the Player first begins, there are three Chests floating in the Ocean (likely left over from the shipwreck). Two are located on the beach of the large island, the other in between the large island and the small island where the player first spawns. Barry tells the player to go and take the useful items within the chests.

Chest contents:

Chest contents:

Chest contents:

Chest contents:

Floating Chests are destroyed and drop themselves when used.

Strategy Edit

  • Loot the chest in the hidden room to jump start your Survival career, then expand to other islands as soon as possible. This island is barren and cannot sustain you for long.
  • E06 is to the West of F06, and contains much Coal Ore. G06 is to the East of F06, and contains much Iron ore and Clay. F06 is conveniently located between both of them, allowing a median by which you can aquire the Iron bars and Bricks you will need to expand.
  • In CL:IS 2018, take the items in the chests. Use the available Arrows wisely, as you will likely be unable to gain more arrows later.
  • The Food Items within the second chest should be enough to last for a few days, use this time to gather resources and craft tools.

Adjacent maps Edit

  • North - F05 (Island)
  • East - G06 (Island)
  • South - F07 (Island)
  • West - E06 (Island)

History Edit

The Starter Island was added in Cube Life: Island Survival Version 1.0. It was changed in v1.1 so that the game would start out raining. This change was not carried over to Cube Life: Island Survival 2018, however. CL:IS 2018 features two chests floating in the ocean containing items to help the player start out.

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