The Eagle is a flying enemy in Cube Life: Island Survival and Cube Life: Island Survival 2018.


  • The Eagle flys above several islands, circling randomly until it sees something to attack.
  • When the Eagle detects the player, it will gradually dive downwards until it makes contact with the player. It will then swoop back upwards, circle around, and attempt to attack again.
    • Every attack from the Eagle deals 25 damage.
    • If the Player hits the Eagle while it dives downwards, the Eagle will peep piteously and call off its attack, rising up into the sky before trying again. Note that the Eagle may not stop moving in time and may still hit the player even after it is hit.
  • If the Eagle detects a nearby Chicken while low to the ground, it will attempt to kill the Chicken.
  • The Eagle is capable of diving underwater in order to attack the player, but will resurface if it goes too deep.
  • The Eagle periodically shrieks as it flies through the air, especially when attacking the player.
  • The Eagle has 50 HP.
  • The Eagle drops 0-4 Eagle Feathers when killed.


  • If you hear the Eagle screech, beware that you might be being hunted.
  • Periodically look up to the sky when on islands where you know Eagles are present, to make sure that an Eagle does not catch you off guard.
  • Hit the Eagle as much as you can when it dives to attack you.
  • To escape an Eagle, try hiding in places with lots of trees, or inside a cave.
    • Eagle's can easilly become trapped inside places with overhanging blocks, making them easy to kill.
  • When building a base on Eagle infested islands, make sure to put a roof on it.


  • The Eagle is currently the only mob in Cube Life: Island Survival capable of flight.


The Eagle was introduced in Cube Life: Island Survival version 1.0, and has never been changed as far as is known. It returned in Cube Life: Island Survival 2018. In the near future, Cypronia plans to upgrade its texture to be more 16-bit.