A Dirt block is a type of Soft Block in the Cube Life Games. Not to be confused with Grass block.


Dirt blocks are found all throughout the Game world in both Cube Life: Island Survival and Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes. It has been seen in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition, though its texture has been updated and it apparently breaks into several small particles when destroyed. In all games, the Dirt block is rarely found above ground, and is usually underneath a Grass block. Stone blocks can be found underneath it in several occasions.


  • When a Dirt block is destroyed, it has a 100% chance of dropping itself.
  • The Dirt block has a currently unknown HP.


  • In Survival Mode of Cube Life: Island Survival, Dirt blocks are the most common block in the world, and are easy to destroy. This makes them the ideal candidate for building bridges to other islands or creating a simple structure.
    • Dirt blocks are also very useful for draining Water out of structures that are below Sea-Level.
  • In Cube Life: Island Survival's Creative Mode, Dirt blocks can be used to make landscapes.
  • Dirt blocks are easilly destroyed by Bullets in Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes, so beware of holes.
    • The same goes for Deathmatch modes in Cube Life: Island Survival if Explosives are used.


Dirt blocks were first introduced in Cube Life: Island Survival. In Version 1.2, the behavior of all blocks was changed so that once a block was hit, it would remain damaged. This change effected the Dirt block, and was carried over into Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes and, presumably, Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition. Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition also seems to have seen the addition of new Dirt block effects. When a Dirt block is destroyed, it crumbles into several triangle shaped pieces.

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