Deathmatch is a game mode in Cube Life: Island Survival.


This Mode pits two players against each other. Player one plays on the Wii U Gamepad, and player two plays on the TV. The Players must move throughout the arena, find weapons and armor, and try to kill each other. The last one standing wins.


The Controls in Deathmatch remain the same as in Survival Mode, though Player Two is unable to use the touchscreen for inventory management.


The health system behaves the same way as in Survival Mode, with each player having 100 Health, Food, Water and Oxygen at the start, but with Food and Water constantly decreasing. In most Death-Match Arenas, their will be no way to restore Food or Water, so the competition is a race against time as well as a battle against the other player. Armor can be picked up from Armor Spawners, and Med-Kits can be found and used to heal the Player's Health. Oxygen behaves the same way as in Survival Mode.


At the start of the game, players choose the map to battle on. Their are several pre-created maps to choose from, but players can also use their Creative Maps as battle arenas.


Players must explore the map and find weapons they can use to kill the other player. Each player can only have one three stacks of items in his inventory at a time, and all kinds of items can be collected. Weapons, Armor and Med Kits can be found on their respective spawners in the game world, and food items and blocks can be obtained by smashing blocks in the game. Everything in the game can be destroyed by the players, allowing for all forms of tunnelling and surprise attacks.