Creative Mode is a game mode in Cube Life: Island Survival and, presumably, Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.


In Creative Mode, players are not limited by any of the Constraints in Survival Mode, and can build anything they want using unlimited resources.

​Controls (Wii U)Edit

The Controls in Creative Mode are the same as in Survival Mode, and can be customized like in Creative Mode. There have been a few changes, however. Players have the added ability of flight, toggled by pressing the button they have assigned to that task. (X by default) Once flying, players can move much faster and can ascend into the air by pressing the jump button, and can descend by pushing the button they have assigned to that task. While flying, players can pass through blocks as if they were a ghost.


Creative Mode also has a Multiplayer Mode, which allows two players to play at once, one player on the Wii U Gamepad, the other player on the TV. Wii U Pro Controllers and Wii Classic Controllers can be used as Player Two's controller.


Each Wii U Console can have a maximum of six creative Maps. These Maps are larger than the usual Local Map in Survival Mode, and Player One has the ability to choose which part of the World Map is used when his Creative Map is generated. He also has the options to toggle Animals and Water on and off, as well as control the Day and Night Cycle using the Wii U Gamepad. Players entering a Creative World choose their skins before they start playing. Skins cannot be changed in-game.