A Chicken is a Neutral Mob in Cube Life: Island Survival.


Chickens are found on most island maps. They periodically lay Eggs, and will follow Barry around. When attacked, they will fight back, dealing minor damage.


  • The Chicken has 5 health points.
  • It deals 1 damage point upon contact.
  • It will lay an Egg periodically.
  • When killed, it has a chance of dropping one of the following:
  • It uses the same AI pathing as the Boar.
  • When struck, it will turn hostile.
  • It can be tamed and made into a pet. (Taming item needs verification)


  • Defeat Chickens to obtain feathers in order to craft Arrows.
  • Cook Raw chicken meat into Grilled chicken meat, which fills Hunger by 50 pts.



Chickens were introduced in version 1.0 of CLIS. At the time, chickens dropped eggs but did not lay them. Version 1.1 made it so that Chickens laid eggs, and increased the drop-rate for all items. Version 1.2 made it so that Chickens could be tamed and made into Pets. What it takes to tame them is unknown. They returned in Version 1.5 with a health buff. (5 over the previous 3)