Beds are special Blocks in Cube Life: Island Survival that players can use use to skip the Night Cycle.


  • The Bed is crafted using a Matress, Pillow, Blanket and five Oak Planks.
  • The Bed has a currently unknown amount of Health.
  • When destroyed, the Bed will drop a Blanket.
  • Pressing the "Create" or "Use" Button while aiming at the bed will cause the player to stop moving. The Screen will start to go black, and the Clock will speed up. Within 30 seconds the whole night has passed, and Barry will wake up at a random time from 4:00 to 6:45 AM in the same spot he was standing when he went to sleep.
    • Sleeping alerts all Cannibals to your location, so while Barry sleeps the Cannibals will destroy blocks that get in between them and Barry. They will not, however, get to kill Barry.
    • Sleeping also regenerates one health point per second as long as Barry is sleeping.
  • Attempting to sleep when it is daytime will cause the message: "It is too early to sleep right now. Try again later." to appear.


  • Since sleeping alerts the Cannibals to your location, be sure to either put the Bed somewhere away from your valuables so the Cannibals won't destroy them, or be sure to use the strongest materials available in your base, like Concrete.
  • Try to be in bed as soon as possible, as you will regenerate more health that way.
  • Use the Night Time to your advantage as much as possible, then sleep when there is nothing else to do safely during the Night.
  • Try focusing on creating a Bed before you do anything else, as it will allow you to work much more efficiently towards building more Beds and better tools later.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bed was the most requested feature for future updates to Cube Life: Island Survival since the games released, and was finally added to the game 2 years later.


The Bed was added to Cube Life: Island Survival in version 1.3, and is expected to make a comeback in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.