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• 10/2/2018

I want to help this wiki grow

Hello there. I was the guy that did anonymous wiki changes around here. I decided to create an account so I can see my favorite game's fan wiki grow. So uh... yeah! Thanks in advanced.

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• 3/22/2018

WTF is the point of??

There are alot of things in Cube Life who's purpose/ use is not immediately apparent...DISCUSS/ENLIGHTEN/ELABORATE
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• 1/20/2018

Whose in charge here?

Because if there is nobody here, I will adopt it. This game deserves a better wiki.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 7/23/2016

creative mode: pets

in creative mode you can turn on animals, but what you can also now have is creative pets..
step one: find an animal you want. all animals follow you except the crab which is hardests to capture.
step two: build a cage or room.
step three: get the animal to follow you.
step four: you now have a pet in creative mode.
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• 7/23/2016
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• 7/22/2016
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